Our Services

This is just some of the services we provide to you. If you are ever in doubt about anything just give us a call!
  1. Heavy Duty Truck Repair
    We work on all types of heavy duty trucks, from small box trucks all the way up to the big rigs!
  2. Cars and Light Duty Trucks
    We also work on personal vehicles like your car and light duty truck.
  3. Boat Motors
    We can even work on your boat or watercraft motor!
  4. Mobile Repair
    We have a 24/7 mobile repair in the area and can come to you.
  5. Trailer Repairs
    We can do damage repairs, leak repairs, and whatever else you need done to get your trailer back up and moving.
  6. Any Other Engine
    If it has an engine we can get it going for you with our expert knowledge.
Tow Boom for Rent

$100.00 Deposit  With ID  & CC
Charge $100.00 a day.
Tow your Bobtail to your yard or to our shop.

Call 269-659-3964

We Have the Know-how

Anything that runs with an engine we can work on and fix. Small engines all the way up to large diesel engines! Get a hold of us today to schedule an appointment.
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